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The Management and Implementation Authority for Research, Technological Development and Innovation Actions (MIA-RTDI) is an independent, stand-alone agency, placed under the Secretary General for Research and Technology. Established in 2008, it is principally responsible for the implementation and management of actions in the fields of research, technological development and innovation by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.

Characterised by a flexible structure, it is staffed by highly specialised personnel with long-standing experience in the RTDI fields and in co-funded actions. During the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007-2013 it operated as an Intermediate Management Body, within the meaning and in accordance with the procedure defined in Article 4 of Law 3614/2007, for state aid actions in the RTDI fields under the Operational Programmes “Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship” (OPCE II) and for transition regions, with a budget of more than 240 m €.

So far, MIA-RTDI has launched calls for, and managed successfully, state-aid actions supporting transfer of knowledge, technology and research outcomes to the industry, thereby enhancing the contribution of research, technology and innovation activities in the country’s growth at large. Its actions are deployed on a national scale and addressed both to the industry (enterprises, cooperatives) and to public and private research bodies (research centres, universities, technological education institutions). Its activities, which are subsidised, are specified in the individual calls for proposals and cover thematic areas including health and biotechnology, agriculture, fisheries and animal farming, energy and the environment, transports, telecommunications and IT, manufacturing, as well as social sciences and humanities,

In order to achieve its objectives, MIA-RTDI adheres to the following policy lines:

  • Development and promotion of innovative products/services/processes in both the domestic and international markets, focusing on sectors presenting competitive advantages, in order to stimulate investment and create sustainable specialised employment;
  • Supporting undertakings and partnerships between private-sector entities and universities/research bodies in order to enhance national added value through technology and applied innovation;
  • Improvement of take-up for funds and payments, modernisation and simplification of procedures for the management and implementation of co-funded projects.

In fulfilling its responsibilities, MIA-RTDI aims at saving costs, accelerating procedures and ensuring respect to the principles of legality, transparency and equal treatment. To this end, it develops state-of-the-art, automated project management procedures, using electronic tools and systems, including on-line evaluation and certification platforms, an on-line registry of evaluators and certifiers, a uniform evaluation system and a system for remote certification.

For more information on MIA-RTDI, please consult: www.eyde-etak.gr.


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