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National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation (NCRTI) (Law No 4635/2019 on "Investing in Greece and other provisions" (Government Gazette A’ 167)




The National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation (NCRTI) is the supreme advisory body of the State contributing in the formulation and implementation of the national policy for Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI). It assists the Minister or Alternate Minister or Deputy Minister responsible for Research and Technology (hereinafter “the Minister”) as well as the Secretary General for Research and Technology in performing their duties.

2. The mandate of the National Council for Research, Technology and Innovation (NCRTI) consists in:

a) following the national, European and international developments in the field of RTDI and submitting relevant proposals to the Minister responsible for Research and Technology and to the GSRT;

b) contributing to shaping and updating RTDI policies and monitoring its implementation progress;

c) drafting and publishing an annual strategy report on Research, Technology and Innovation, accompanied by a progress report on the previous year, based on RTDI implementation monitoring as well as international developments;

d) submitting proposals on the uptake, strategy formulation and allocation of the RTDI public funding;

e) submitting proposals on, and encouraging, the adoption of public policies drawing on research work carried out by GSRT-supervised centres which can have a positive impact on society;

f) submitting proposals on the implementation of policies translating research into innovation and, in general, linking generated research outcomes to entrepreneurial practices and non-state initiatives of all types;

g) helping foster a culture of close creative cooperation between research, education and the productive sectors of the economy;

h) informing public organisations about, and encouraging them to adopt, research outcomes and innovative products generated by GSRT-supervised bodies;

i) submitting proposals on how to attract private funding, which could support Research, Development and Innovation in Greece;

j) contributing to the promotion of international cooperation with a view to building strong ties between the Greek and the international research communities;

k) considering and proposing incentives of all types and submitting proposals on ways to facilitate investment in startups; networking startups with established companies, potential sponsors, as well as think tanks both in Greece and abroad;

l) submitting proposals to the Minister on the composition of electoral bodies which are in charge of selecting the directors of research centres, institutes and supervised bodies;

m) ensuring the achievement of other objectives assigned to the NCRTI by the government, the Minister or the applicable legislation.

3. The NCRTI is composed of eleven (11) members from the research, academic and business communities in Greece and abroad, all of them internationally renowned in their respective fields. It is established, by decision of the Minister, for a three-year term of office which is renewable. By the same decision, the Minister appoints the NCRTI President and Vice-President, as well as the GSRT officer to provide secretarial support and his/her replacement.

4. The Minister ensures that NCRTI members are divided in two (2) five-member Committees:

a) the Research and Technology Committee, addressing basic and applied research matters, as well as issues regarding the overall orientation and performance of the research community in Greece;

b) the Innovation and Startup Entrepreneurship Committee, focusing on innovation development and the improvement of the business environment in which startups must grow.

The NCRTI President participates in both committees as the sixth member and chairman/chairwoman of meetings. The two committees are responsible for identifying key problems and developing strategies and, more generally, work as think tanks on the respective fields of their mandate.

5. The two Committees convene and operate independently, submitting proposals to the NCRTI plenary meeting, which is the final decision-maker. The date and venue, as well as the agenda, of the Committees’ meetings are determined by the President of each Committee. An Association of Greek Researchers representative may attend, without voting rights, both the NCRTI and the two Committees’ meetings. Experts, specialists, as well as other representatives of bodies participating in the Council may also be invited, depending on the agenda.

6. The quorum and decision-making rules for the NCRTI are laid down in articles 14 and 15 of the Administrative Procedure Code. The date and venue, as well as the agenda items, of plenary meetings are determined by the NCRTI President. NCRTI meetings may take place by conference call.

7. The GSRT and the NCRTI are assisted by Sectorial Scientific Councils (SSC), which are established by decision of the Minister and approved by the NCRTI, in the specific disciplines related to research, technology and innovation. By the same decision, the Minister determines the number of members, the President, the Vice-President and the ordinary and alternate members for each SSC; he/she also decides on any other issue regarding their establishment and operation. The number of members may vary between SSCs.

8. The Council’s secretarial and administrative support is provided by the GSRT. Involvement of an officer in the operation of the Secretariat will not considered to be a second civil service position or employment.

9. Subject to a decision by the Minister, the NCRTI may receive public funding in order to fulfill its mandate.

10. Members of the NCRTI are not remunerated on the basis of acting in the public interest. Travel and subsistence expenses, as well as the daily remuneration of the NCRTI and SSC members for participation in meetings, as laid down in the applicable provisions, are paid by the GSRT.

11. All mentions of the National Council for Research and Innovation (NCRI) in the applicable legislation must be understood as referring to the NCRTI.

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